Rotar Germany Air Refrigerated Dryer

Rotar Dryer

Quality dry air from the dryer is extremely vital to your production system. Compressed air entering the air net is always saturated with water vapour and other particles. Without the air dryer, this moisture condensation will cause damage not only to your machine, but also affects the quality of your finished products.

Dust particles, oil and water droplets from the compressed air can easily be removed by filter.
However, most water vapour and oil mist can only be removed effectively when they are refrigerated to the dewpoint temperature and turned to liquid form. In accordance with the refrigeration and dehumidifying principle, refrigeration dryer cools down the saturated compressed air that comes from air compressor to certain dew point temperature and separates most of the liquid water along with dusts and oil particles, which will be extracted out of the machine through an automatic mechanism after being separated by gas-liquid separator.

ROTORAIRSC Refrigerated Air Dryer becomes the first-choice model of air purification
equipments due to its reliable function, easy operation and simple maintenance.

Without ROTORAIRSC Dryer, water vapor, dust, oil mist and other harmful particles will enter
your compressed air system. This can potentially create disaster to your whole production system. The air dryer removes virtually all the moisture before it reaches your air system. On an average day, with ambient air at 25° c and relative humidity at 70%, a compressor rated at 12m /min will take in about 280L of water per day in vapour form alongside the air.

After compression and cooling the vapour turns to liquid, which will harm your system if not
removed. Although the after cooler eliminates about two-thirds of the moisture, the remaining
one-third flows through your system and is still capable of causing severe damage to the system.

The end result could cause higher maintenance and repair costs, and more importantly
damaged or lower the quality of your end product. Dry compressed air keeps pneumatic systems running smoothly and produces quality end products. We offer a range of ROTORAIRSC Refrigerated Air Dryers to match your usage.


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