Product Catalog

Scroll Air Compressor

Technical Specification

❯ Ganey Scroll Air Compressor

❯ Renown as No-maintenance requirement Air Compressor

❯ Compact structure, reliable running, little vibration, and continuous air-supply.

❯ More energy-saving by at least 20% than the Reciprocating types

❯ The oil content in Discharge air ≤3PPM

Ganey Screw Type Air Compressor

Technical Specification

❯ Ganey Screw Type OG (F) D220

❯ Ganey’s exclusive air end with better sealing, & by at least 10% more energy-saving in the same working condition.

❯ Elastic direct coupling between motor & air end with hi-efficiency but low-speed

❯ Unique structural balance design for air end, with far less vibration & nearly silencing

FINI Rotary Screw Compressor

Technical Specification

❯ Advanced microcomputer controller

❯ Low consumption and high performance motor

❯ Low rotating speed screw air end

❯ Easy and interactive controller

❯ Well-known screw compressor end

❯ Air capacity control system

❯ Filtration system

❯ Pressure controller and solenoid valve

Puma Belt-Drive High Pressure Air Compressor

Technical Specification

❯ Model TK-50250

❯ Puma 5HP 250L Belt-Drive High Pressure Air Compressor

❯ Industrial two stage belt drive air compressor

❯ Special high pressure design, safety, sturdy structure for durability

❯ Suitable for use in factories, auto maintenance plant, tire stores and special high pressure supply system

❯ Minimum space require and easy to use

Mitsui Seiki Oil Lubrication ZV08AS4-R

Technical Specification

❯ An ideal energy saving compressor.

❯ The compressing efficiency is drastically enhanced by the adoption of the compressor dedicatedly developed for each model.

❯ Installation of the inverter realizes total energy saving.

❯ There is no waste because air of required pressure is taken only for necessary volume with minimum power.

❯ Although small, the direct-couple driving with the motor increases the air volume and reduces the maintenance work.

Mitsui Seiki Water Lubrication i 14015A2 R

Technical Specification

❯ The optimal energy efficiency of the fan motor is also realized by the inverter control.

❯ The permanent magnet IPM motor improves the efficiency by 5%.

❯ The increase of air amount is efficiently controlled by the optimal pressure(option).

❯ Ideal water lubrication system.

❯ The water lubrication is simple and environmentally friendly.

❯ The newly adopted IT touch panel enables smooth operation and control.