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Rotorcomp Screw Air Compressor

❯ WEAR-FREE (ROLLING PROFILE) , sub-assemblies, guarantee long service life.

❯ Made in Germany - German engineered quality.

❯ 5 year warranty, 5 years peace of mind.

❯ No oil separator tank, no DOSH certificate needed.

❯ Wide range pressure 8-15 bar

❯ Super compact & unique designed, less component parts. (7 components)

❯ Simple & compact - easy maintenance, less maintenance cost

❯ 30hb-50hb

Water Lubricated Air Compressor

❯ 100% Oil-Free clean air

❯ Water Lubricated oil-free air compressor

❯ NO.1 energy saving oil-free air compressor in china

❯ 36% increase of air column compare to dry type single stage compressor

❯ Stainless Steel air-end materials provide durability and eliminated corrosion problem

❯ Ultra low maintenance cost.

Superior Single Screw Air Compressor

❯ Ganey Screw Air Compressor

❯ Energy Saving Air Compressor

❯ The system fully optimized to reduce the loss of pressure drop

❯ Application of the Ganey industry-leading brand bare compressor and valve technology

❯ External breathing, improve breathing efficiency

❯ Inheriting Ganey's characteristicsis of energy saving, reliable and mute

Oil-Free Water-Lubricating Air Compressor

❯ Ganey Water Lubricating Air Compressor

❯ Oil-free Screw Air Compressor gets to the energy-saving standard of Oil-injected Types.

❯ Purely Oil-free: Water-inject Lubricates & seals the Air end, and apply the world-top patented sealing between the compressing & bearing’s chambers, assuring the whole system oil-free.

❯ Top reliable: Worldwide initially exclusive Stainless-steel Single Screw Air End;

Dynamo-Electric Air Compressor

❯ Ganey Dynamo- Electric Air Compressor

❯ Core of dynamoelectric bus,

❯ Silencing tech with less than 60 dB(A) noise,

❯ Reliability in only once maintenance for a whole year.

❯ Energy-saving by 20% more than Piston Air Compressor.

❯ Safe, over temp, over voltage, and overload protective.

❯ Environment-protective with only 10% of Piston oil-consumption,& less than 25mg/m³.